Hanu-Man Movie

Hanu-Man Movie: Brace yourselves, movie enthusiasts, because “Hanu-Man” has taken the cinematic world by storm! This Telugu superhero film, released in January 2024, has become a roaring success, captivating audiences with its blend of action, mythology, and a dash of sci-fi. So, what’s all the hype about? Let’s delve into the heart of this epic tale.

Hanu-Man Movie Details

#Movie TitleHanu-Man
#TaglineThe Most Powerful Superhero In The Universe
#GenresFantasy, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction,
#Avarage Vote8.5
#Vote Count4
#Release Date2024-01-11

Hanu-Man Movie Plot

“Hanu-Man Movie” tells the story of Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja), a small-time thief living in the fictional village of Anjanadri. His life takes a drastic turn when he stumbles upon a mystical totem that grants him superhuman abilities reminiscent of the Hindu mythological deity Hanuman.

With newfound powers like immense strength, agility, and the ability to fly, Hanumanthu becomes the protector of Anjanadri, facing threats like the oppressive Gajapathi (Raj Deepak Shetty) and a rival named Michael (Vinay Rai) who also craves the totem’s power.

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The film blends elements of sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology, offering a modern take on the legendary Hanuman while tackling themes of good versus evil, self-discovery, and responsibility.

Hanu-Man Movie Casts and Their Character Role

Hanu-Man Movie Cast NameCast as Character
Teja SajjaHanumanthu / Hanu-Man
Vinay RaiMichael / Mega-Man
Amritha AiyerMeenakshi
Varalaxmi SarathkumarAnjamma
Vennela KishoreDr.Siri Vennela
Getup SrinuKaasi
Deepak ShettyGajapathi
SatyaGunneswara Rao
Rohini ReddyMeenakshi’s Friend
Rakesh MasterPuli Raju
SunisithA Villager
Venkata SubbaiahHimself
Ravi TejaKoti (voice)

Hanu-Man Movie Crews with Their Profession

ProfessionHanu-Man Movie Crew NameDepartment
Director of PhotographyDasaradhi SivendraCamera
Original Music ComposerJay KrishSound
DirectorPrasanth VarmaDirecting
WriterPrasanth VarmaWriting
Original Music ComposerHari GowraSound
Public RelationsVamsi ShekarCrew
PresenterSmt. ChaitanyaCrew
PublicistAnanth KancherlaProduction
Production DesignSri Nagendra Prasad TangalaArt
Costume DesignLanka SantoshiCostume & Make-Up
Still PhotographerVarahala MurthyCamera
EditorR. Srikanth PatnaikEditing
Original Music ComposerAnudeep DevSound
Original Music ComposerKrishna SaurabhSound
Executive ProducerAsrin ReddyProduction
Line ProducerVenkat Kumar JettyProduction
Associate ProducerPushpak ReddyProduction
ProducerK Niranjan ReddyProduction

Hanu-Man Movie Review

Hanu-Man Movie 2024” soars onto the screen, a visually stunning spectacle that reimagines the legendary deity as a modern-day superhero. Teja Sajja shines as Hanumanthu, a charming rogue thrust into extraordinary power by a mystical totem. Witnessing his journey from petty thief to village protector is a thrill, fueled by exhilarating action sequences and witty banter. While the plot may tread familiar ground, the film’s heart lies in its exploration of self-discovery, responsibility, and the fight for justice. “Hanu-Man” isn’t just a superhero movie, it’s a celebration of Indian mythology, a reminder that even the smallest among us can rise to become legendary. So, grab your popcorn and prepare to be swept away by this epic tale – “Hanu-Man” is a flight you won’t want to miss.

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Critics review of Hanu-Man Movie

“Hanu-Man” received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its visual spectacle and action sequences while others found the plot predictable and the pacing uneven. Here’s a summary of the critical landscape:


  • Visuals and Action: Critics lauded the film’s stunning CGI, particularly the portrayal of Hanuman’s mythical abilities. The action sequences were praised for their thrill and excitement.
  • Teja Sajja’s Performance: Many reviewers commended Teja Sajja’s charming portrayal of Hanumanthu, bringing both humor and depth to the character.
  • Thematic Exploration: Some critics appreciated the film’s exploration of self-discovery, responsibility, and the fight against injustice, finding it a refreshing take on the superhero genre.


  • Predictable Plot: Some reviewers criticized the plot for being clichéd and predictable, with familiar superhero tropes and a villain that felt uninspired.
  • Pacing: The film’s pacing was a point of contention for some, with some finding the first half to be slow and the second half rushed.
  • Character Development: A few critics felt that the supporting characters, particularly the villain, lacked depth and development.


While “Hanu-Man” received mixed reviews, it’s clear that the film’s visual effects, action sequences, and Teja Sajja’s performance were major highlights. However, the predictability of the plot and pacing issues for some viewers kept it from reaching its full potential.

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Conclusion: Soaring Verdict on “Hanu-Man”

“Hanu-Man” has taken the cinematic world by storm, leaving audiences soaring with a blend of action, mythology, and a dash of sci-fi. Whether you’re a die-hard Hanuman devotee, a superhero enthusiast, or simply seeking a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film, “Hanu-Man” delivers an epic cinematic experience.

A Must-See for:

  • Fans of superhero movies
  • Enthusiasts of Indian mythology
  • Anyone who appreciates stunning visuals and action sequences
  • Viewers seeking a heartwarming story of self-discovery and heroism


While “Hanu-Man” boasts undeniable strengths, it’s not without flaws. Some viewers may find the plot predictable and the pacing uneven. However, the film’s heart lies in its exploration of relatable themes, making it a worthwhile journey even with its shortcomings.

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The Final Verdict:

“Hanu-Man” is a thrilling and visually captivating film that reimagines a legendary deity for the modern world. So, grab your popcorn, embrace the power of hope, and prepare to be swept away by this epic tale. You won’t regret taking flight with “Hanu-Man”!


  • “Hanu-Man” is rated PG-13 for some action violence.
  • The film is available in Telugu and Hindi languages.
  • Check your local listings for screening times and availability.

I hope this blog post has helped you decide whether “Hanu-Man” is worth watching. Now go forth and experience the cinematic phenomenon for yourself!

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